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Skies, clouds and other impressions



"I was born in 1996 in Florence, Italy. I grew up immersed in the world of art and decided at a young age that I wanted it to be my career.

I have recently graduated from a fine arts academy in Florence, Italy where I worked on expressing the concept of spiritual ascension through art.

I have had much experience working with traditional Italian artisan techniques, mainly gilding. This has influenced my work and I often paint with oils on gold or silver leaf.

During the pandemic lockdown in 2020 my art changed to express a more simple, yet equally divine idea of peace and tranquillity, because these feelings were missing from my life and from the lives of others. I began to use landscapes and mainly the sky to create a dreamlike space away from fear and stress, because I believe that nature has a unique power to quiet our minds and that art is a mirror to nature's beautiful perfection."


Our first online exhibitions are dedicated to the promotion of local Florence-based artists of various ages and backgrounds. Artists particularly need support during this difficult time!

After the Florentine cityscapes of the previous show, we now present a series of small paintings, some in sets of multiple pieces.

Painted in oil with the addition of gold and silver leaf, they represent dreamy skies, clouds, sunrises and sunsets, rooftops and a hint of trees, hills or sea.

Sonia Bukhgalter is a young artist at the beginning of her artistic journey and we are happy to promote her work. Three years ago she showed in our gallery her installation "TRASFORMAZIONE", in which the viewing of a large landscape painting was accompanied by evocative music created for the purpose.

Sonia paints in oil, incorporating silver and gold leaf. She has acquired extensive knowledge of traditional Florentine techniques of decorative painting and gilding.

Her skyscapes are her way of expressing a need for peace and tranquillity during this particularly challenging time. An escape in the harmony and infinite beauty of nature to remind us to enjoy the present moment, whatever is happening around us.

April 28th- May 27th, 2021

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