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An art gallery/cocktail bar: The Arts Inn is a new concept in Florence. 

Designed and created by an Artist in his former atelier, the space now hosts the permanent exhibition of the founder's paintings as well as shows by other artists.

Artists are welcome to exhibit in our space! See our dedicated website for more information.

A non conventional art gallery, with coloured walls, interesting details, a space where you can view and buy original artwork  but also a space full of atmosphere where you can enjoy drinks of excellent quality.

Check out our very own hand picked music selections of the best of rock, jazz, blues

from the past and today on Spotify!


Our drinks: a choice of local wines, a selection of international cocktails and our exclusive menu of signature drinks, inspired by art and artists: Frida K., Gauguin, Leonardo Sour, Andy Warhol, Primavera, are just some of the drinks created and brilliantly executed by Silvio Calabria.

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Please read our RULES
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